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Sadiq al-Mahdi, leader of the opposition National Umma Party NUP which signed the "Sudan Call" agreement in December see note 2 , urged voters to boycott both elections, which he termed "fake". When a Member who has been granted leave of absence attends the House before it expires, the leave shall lapse. The Bundestag" wäre kein Germanizismus sondern ledigliche die Übernahme eines Eigennamens ins Englische, der eine Sache beschreibt, die es nur einmal auf der Welt, nämlich in Deutschland gibt.

Missouri is a dangerous place for employers? In some ways this was curious because the old Tory and Conservative parties in the Canadas had been opponents of responsible government, which had been fought for by the Reform Party, with strength in Canada East and West. Lüdenscheids kostenlose Partnervermittlung. The Chambers of Labour employ a staff of highly qualified experts who act as a think-tank for employees' interests, conducting studies on a wide range of relevant issues. We do not believe that it is possible for an outsider to determine an amendments relative importance across multiple issue dimensions and constituencies at the time it was being considered for this reason, we follow Häge and Kaedings advice that in the absence of a clear definition of what constitutes an important provision and a method to identify these provisions a priori, the second-best solution for the remaining amendments is to treat them as being of equal importance , What can I do to prevent this in the future?

No pension is awarded where disability is a consequence of improper conduct. British Columbia was to join in and Prince Edward Island in Newfoundland did not join until Second, as Kreppel emphasizes, not all amendments are created equal , Lower House of German Parliament common but incorrect in the contents pol.

For a sign of the richness of the debate see the opinions of some influential Italian constitutional lawyers on the constitutional reform in Dieci domande sulla riforma costituzionale, in Quaderni Costituzionali, XXXVI, , pp. Das Problem gibt es ja leider bei vielen Begriffen aus nationalen Institutionen. As to the petition which the Committee has decided to be adopted, the Committee may attach a written opinion to the report of Paragraph 1 of the preceding Article.

Terry McAuliffe D might have vetoed the new lines anyway. For most purposes, I think the Ecnomist's solution is the correct one. Their veto is a sort of hypothetical veto, he wrote. Ultimately, the likeliest outcomes in both states probably will help Democrats, but were going to continue to hold off on reassessing these races.

The situation looked hopeless for confederation, but responsible government in New Brunswick was still fragile, and the Governor was able to override public opinion. He dissolved the provincial parliament, against the wishes of the prime minister, and in the ensuing election, against all expectations, the winners were the pro-confederalists. There were many factors in this surprise result: Things went much more easily in Nova Scotia.

The scheme of confederation provided that the sanction of the British and local parliaments was necessary. Despite general opposition in Nova Scotia to the idea of confederation, a majority of the Assembly was induced to vote in favour of it. Nevertheless, at the first federal election, of the nineteen MPs Nova Scotia sent to the new national Parliament in Ottawa, eighteen were pledged to the repeal of confederation. But it was too late. The BNA Act made no provision for provincial secession.

There was a story that Queen Victoria had chosen the site for the national capital by stabbing at a map with a hatpin. The site selected was a remote lumber town called Bytown, to be renamed Ottawa. A very impressive parliamentary building was erected overlooking the Ottawa River.

The qualifications of electors were those in force at the time in the various provinces. The number of MPs from each province was based on population, thus removing the key source of friction in the Union of the Canadas. The Senate comprised 72 members who were appointed by the executive, based on four divisions, with 24 senators from each of Ontario and Quebec and 12 from each of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

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A senator had to be resident in the province he represented, had to be aged at least 30 and have a net worth of at least four thousand dollars. It is worth noting that, despite the American precedent, there had been no significant pressure for equal representation for the provinces in the Senate.

The Senate was basically conceived as an anti-democratic, anti-republican body, but one which would avoid the main defect of the House of Lords, because membership would not be hereditary. There was a rather clumsy mechanism for resolving deadlocks between the two houses. The British government could be asked to allow one or two additional senators from each of the four divisions to be appointed.

In the Mackenzie Liberal Government asked the British government to agree to the appointment of additional senators to overcome a Conservative majority in the Senate. The British government refused, on the grounds that there was no real dispute. There were no formal requests after that, though there were tentative enquiries in and On confederation, the Conservative Party was the dominant force, and in fact remained in power until , except for a brief period In some ways this was curious because the old Tory and Conservative parties in the Canadas had been opponents of responsible government, which had been fought for by the Reform Party, with strength in Canada East and West.

By the s the Reform Party was disintegrating on religious and other policy issues, and the Conservatives had come to accept both responsible government and the desirability of federation. A new Conservative Party initially called Liberal-Conservatives was formed from the union of the French Canadian reformers and some other moderate reformers with the Tories and Conservatives. All that was left of the Reform Party was a small liberal group, called the Rouges, in Montreal, and a larger group, called the True Grits, in Western Ontario.

These two groups later formed the basis for the Liberal Party in federated Canada. In the Australian continent was divided into six separate British colonies, five of them with some form of responsible government. British occupation began with a convict settlement at Sydney, in , but population growth was slow until the discovery of gold in , almost simultaneously in New South Wales and Victoria, followed by the rapid development of the wool industry.

The population trebled, from in to 1. New South Wales was the first colony to be settled, and indeed in the early days covered the whole eastern half of the continent. By the s it was moving towards representative government. The act also gave the various legislative councils, when reformed, the power to alter their colonial constitutions, subject to royal assent. A strong hint was given that bicameral legislatures were desirable. The British government was not prepared to grant the colonies control over land policy and revenue from the sale of land until they were economically self-supporting.

This was dramatically achieved by the discovery of gold in , and in the British government agreed, with minor amendments, to the Constitution proposed by the New South Wales Legislative Council.

There was no dispute about the Assembly, which was elected on a fairly wide male franchise, soon changed to manhood suffrage. A group led by Wentworth attempted to establish an hereditary upper house-the bunyip aristocracy, it was sarcastically called-but had to be satisfied with a house the members of which were appointed for life on the advice of the Assembly.

By the New South Wales system was working reasonably well.

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Tasmania was the second colony to be settled, a penal colony being founded in Hobart in Even by Tasmania had a population of only 95 ; the Tasmanian Aborigines were almost extinct. After transportation to the rest of Australia was ended, Tasmania became the receptacle for convicts from Britain, India and the other colonies.

Das ist genauso wenig wünschenswert wie Anglizismen auf Deutsch. Kommentar "federal congress" or "federal parliament" are problematic for all the English speakers who do not know what federal means there are a lot.

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I would also avoid some of hte other suggestions from LEO with "federal" for the same reason. The German parliament would do just as well. Use of the definite article makes it clear that the national parliament is meant. Just to clear one thing up - is the German legislature really unicameral?

Does the Bundesrat not have a legislative function? If not, I would see the problem with upper and lower, otherwise I think it is a load of misinformed nonsense.

Wenn "The Bundestag" als Begriff für andere Parlamente eingeführt würde, dann wäre es in meinen Augen erst ein Germanizismus. Ober- und Unterhaus sind wörtliche Übersetzungen, der jedenfalls mir geläufigen, historisch gewachsenen Begriff Lower and Upper Chamber des englischen Parlaments Lords waren früher eben was besseres als das gemeine Fussvolk: For me, lower and upper chamber are related to different levels in society and cannot express differences that are related to federality only.

So why can't others just use Bundestag as a name and not translate but explain it? The problem is, that our system isn't really bicameral. Only laws concerning the 16 states like budget, state laws e. Other laws are passed by the Bundestag alone. Furthermore the Bundesrat isn't elected by the people and has no legislative period. The Members of the Bundesrat are sent from the governments of the 16 states each state has a number of representative, like Hamburg has 3 and Bavaria has 7 members.

Even though it took long time and many lives in Germany before we got this democratic system. Germany has 80 millon habitants and is one of the most important economics in the world. To honor this, the expressions Bundesrat and Bundestag should remain also in other language with the propriate explanation, of course.

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Kommentar Sorry, i delete the "Even though", i meant "finally". Forgot to read over: Wörterbücher bilden in aller Regel den tatsächlichen Gebrauch ab. Und dabei sollte es m. Wenn, dann sollte ein Hinweis angebracht werden, dass die Übersetzung hinkt. Kommentar blaubär, interesting to know about the role of the Bundesrat. Are there whole policy areas on which that body has no say e. Or how is it decided what are Länderthemen and what are not?

A link would suffice if you can find a good one - English or German. Incidentally, I googled "bundestag site: It's not correct to say that any law is passed by the Bundestag alone. The difference is what the Bundesrat can do to block them Zustimmungsgesetze vs. And neither the Bundestag nor the Bundesrat are concerned with state laws in any way. These are made by the state parliaments.

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Kommentar That should've been http: The German legislature is thus clearly bicameral - moreso than the British. That is enough for me to reject referring to the Bundestag as "parliament" in every case, though of course parliament will often suffice informally, the House of Commons is also referred to as parliament, and the US House as Congress, I believe.

Certainly a perfect dictionary would reflect this usage, but it would also have to take into account the need on many occassions to make clear that the Bundestag is only one of the legislative chambers. Now, it seems to me - and I am no friend of class privilege - that "upper and lower house" fulfil this function well.

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Alternatives might be proposed, such as "Germany's main legislative body" or "the directly elected main legislative body", etc. I would certainly argue in favour of "lower house" as at least one of the options given. I would therefore say that the most sensible advice LEO could give would be to suggest that Bundestag remain untranslated as in Duma , but that suggestions also be given as to how to gloss it, e. It should also be indicated that " Germany's parliament" is adequate in many cases, if strictly speaking informal. A hard task for a team of dictionary editors, I'm sure!

Korrekturen the German national parliament official declaration Pol. Moin moin, hätte nie gedacht, dass mein Beitrag so heftige Reaktionen auslösen könnte, und dann auch noch gleich am ersten Tag ;- Sei's drum Ich denke nach wie vor, das upper and lower house nicht passend sind.